Backflow Testing and Recertification


Sewer Line Replacement or Cleaning in Bel Air Maryland

Sewer Lines are at the heart of a healthy home. It's one of those systems that tends to work reliably for decades, but when it malfunctions, it is a bad day, indeed. Clogs in the sewer line or damaged lines means that the house or yard are faced with a damaging, smelly mess. You are facing immediate schedule interruption and costly repairs. Bailey Bros has the equipment to easily handle major sewer line problems. We can quickly pinpoint the issue and help you clean the line, remove clogs or even replace a line if necessary. We also can assist with installing sewer line connection on new residential homes.

Not only are you dealing with non-functioning utilities the instant that a sewer line problem occurs, but you typically have to deal with backup of smelly and damaging wastewater. It is common to find wastewater backed up into basements and bathtubs when the drain lines encounter a clog. Additionally, you can deal with broken pipes in concrete where the sewage seeps through the concrete floor or wall. Repairing the flooding quickly can save a large amount of money in secondary repairs.

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If there’s a need for backflow testing and recertification, Bailey Bros is the company to call. We provide expert testing to all types of backflow assemblies for both residential and commercial properties.

At Bailey Bros, we make sure you’re worry-free by conducting a regular test and maintenance of your device. Since the government requires an annual recertification test for most backflow devices, we make sure your device passes the inspection.

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