How It Works: Video Camera Inspection

Getting An Accurate Diagnosis

At Bailey Bros our video inspection equipment is one of our most-used pieces of equipment. We pretty much always bring it along with us. Our cameras provide high-quality inch-by-inch imagery of your sewer and drain lines and help us get an immediate diagnosis. With our cameras, we are able to inspect pipes that are inside walls, buried outside and covered by concrete. This can save you money by not requiring you to dig up piping or remove building material just to do the inspection. It also enables our team to work efficiently and to get you answers more quickly.

One of the Bailey Brothers Plumbing technicians will insert a flexible cable with the camera attached to it down into your pipe. This camera provides a clear image (in color) of the obstructions or cracks in the piping. If needed, we can also capture this footage and save it to a USB.

The camera is only part of the equation. The other important factor is location. Thanks to the two-step system we are able to accurately pinpoint where the damage or obstruction is. The first part of this system is the footage counter. Our machine reads the distance of line fed into the pipes and that gives us a general idea of where the probe is. The second part is the 512 HZ sonde that is attached to the flexible camera line. Using our locator wand, we can — from above ground — pinpoint exactly where our probe is at the time it finds your plumbing problem. This reduces the amount by which we need to tear into your yard (or dig up your basement) and allows us to surgically repair the problem.

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No More Guesswork!

  • No More Repeat Clogging due to unknown issues
  • No More Search and Dig Missions!
  • No More “Hoping we get it right this time”

At Bailey Bros we are adamant about only using the best equipment.

When To Call For A Video Inspection

  • Repeated problems with the same drain system.
  • Drains that move slowly or back up
  • Pre-purchase inspections on a new home
  • Locating unknown septic tanks
  • Locating unknown pipes before doing remodeling
  • Retrieving jewelry from the drain
  • Rotten Egg Smell or Sewer Smell in a room
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